Course details

This is a 4 day practical training in the NADA ear acupuncture protocol, covering:

  • Origins of the NADA protocol
  • Brief theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • How the NADA treatment relates to modern issues and your sector of healthcare
  • Health & Safety - significant time is spent during the course training in health & safety protocols, cross-contamination and client handling etc.
  • Needling techniques - practical sessions are all closely supervised by a NADA GB trainer
  • Point location
  • Client record keeping
  • Qi Gong energy practice
  • How to set up the clinic space
  • Research findings
  • Certification for students who pass the course
  • Where to get acupuncture supplies and insurance.

Fees: £500 per person, to include NADA GB Annual Registration fee and certification.

Accreditation: Practitioners will gain an internationally recognised certification.

Clinical practice groups: Free for all students and practitioners to attend. Our trainers hold practice sessions regularly throughout the UK. Please contact a trainer to find a session in an area near you.

Annual assessment: All practitioners must undergo an annual assessment to ensure that the highest standards in practice are maintained. The cost is £150 including Annual Registration and certification.


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