Data Protection

NADA GB maintains a Register of Members.

The Register of Members is a database of all persons trained by us in the 5 Point NADA Auricular Acupuncture Protocol.

The Register holds each person's name, private address, phone number and email address or if employed by an organisation, the address, phone number and email of that organisation.

The Register is completely confidential and is not sold or distributed to any third party.

The Register is held on a computer protected from any data breach by the Panda Global Protection System.

It is necessary for NADA GB to maintain a Register of Members so we can know when each member on the Register is due for their Annual Re-assessment to Practice and to renew their Registration with NADA GB.

If you no longer wish to practice as a NADA GB Practitioner it is your responsibility to notify NADA GB at and your details will be removed from the NADA GB Register of Members.