08 November 2023

NADA GB Trainers Mentoring Day at the Yuan Clinic in London - 5th November 2023

We had a lovely day with 15 NADA GB Trainers at John Tindall’s Yuan Clinic in South London reviewing where NADA GB has got to since its inception in 2015.

NADA GB have now trained and re-assessed almost 3000 practitioners and have 30 Trainers!

The morning session gave us all a chance to get to know each other and recount our individual journeys and what is happening in our various locations.

The Directors John, Rachel and Ewan gave a review of the positive things that have happened and are happening concerning NADA GB since our mentoring day last year.

NADA GB treated everyone to lunch at a Turkish Restaurant across the road from the Yuan Clinic which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a way of thanking our trainers for their dedication and hard work  and for giving up their Sunday to travel to London!

The afternoon was devoted to discussing raising our price for training and re-assessment, as well as giving a general opportunity for any trainer to raise anything they would like to discuss.

Fond farewells to everyone when the day closed at 4pm.

Trainers together at the Yuan Clinic, London   
Trainers at the Turkish restaurant


Trainers together at the Yuan Clinic, London
Trainers together at the Yuan Clinic, London

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