ACU supplies

Phoenix Medical LogoDear Practitioner,

We recommend Phoenix Medical as our appointed supplier of acupuncture products. We use their products exclusively for training as they are of good quality and value for money.

Phoenix have their own needle factory in China and therefore we can state with confidence that quality control and sterilisation are of the highest standards.

If you wish to purchase products from them, please click on the logo to the right where it will take you through to the Phoenix website.

Here is a list of the most widely used products in the NADA GB Drugs and Detox Acupuncture treatment.
Some of these you will have used in your training. You can order online from Phoenix by clicking on the links below.

Should you have any problems then please call the Phoenix Sales Team on 0800 612 8188 or contact NADA GB


The recommended products below are available to order from Phoenix Medical Ltd - you can browse the specific product list for NADA GB members here. In order to purchase products, you will need to register and create an account with Phoenix Medical.

Phoenix High Visibility Orange Handle Detox Needle

Product Code ND 2007 | 0.20 x 7mm | 500 needles per box/10 needles per strip | £23.10


Phoenix Metal Handle Detox Needle

Product Code NA2513G5 | 0.25 x 13mm | 500 needles per box/ 5 needle per tube | £19.95


Chinese Gold Plated Magnetic Ear Pellets

Product Code NE030 | 100 per box | £5.50


Japanese Magrain Ion Pellets

Product Code NE020 Gold / NE021 Silver | 300 pellets per box / 20 pellets per strip | £9.75


Phoenix Metal Probes

Product Code CA260 | Angled Tip | £4.00

Product Code CA270 | Straight Tip | £4.00

Product Code CA280 | Dual Tip Angled/Straight | £4.95


Disposable Needle Containers

Product Code CA120 | 0.5 Litre capacity container | £2.50

Product Code CA130 | 1.0 Litre capacity container | £3.50


Portable Sanisafe Needle Container

Product Code CA140 | 200ml capacity | £2.45



Product Code CA150 | Alcohol Free wipes/ 100 wipes per box | £6.20



Product Code CA155 | 70% alcohol impregnated wipes /100 wipes per box | £2.46


Salvo Hand Gel

Product Code CA400 | 500ml per bottle | £6.60


Herbal Tea Bags

Product Code WT070 | Aura Functional Herbal Tea Detox 20 tea bags per pack | £4.50


Please note all prices exclude VAT